What To Get The Car Enthusiast And Petrolhead That Has Everything

What To Get The Car Enthusiast And Petrolhead That Has Everything Picture: Man in blue shirt holding with one hand a tan coloured steering wheel in a car.
While being a car enthusiast certainly isn’t cheap, it’s been found that enthusiasts actually have more money to spend, with a net worth that’s 50% higher than the national average in North America, and are twice as likely to pay more for high-quality items. However, they still deserve to be pampered when it comes to gift-giving.

Car enthusiasts are probably just as tired of receiving the same old car cleaning kit and fancy air freshener every year as you are in gifting it. Whether you want to gift something practical like a new part, or even the option to head to a big training event, when it’s time to purchase a special gift for the petrolhead in your life this year, get a little creative with these fun and unique ideas that they’re sure to love.

Tickets to motorsports events

Often overlooked for more practical items such as car shampoo or a fancy air freshener, tickets can be a great way to give your petrolhead the opportunity to create impactful, lasting memories. Depending on where you live, you might be able to snag tickets to the next motorsports event or conference in town, or you can turn it into a big gift and plan a trip to another country for a weekend getaway at a top event such as Nurburgring or Le Mans.

Driving video games

For the younger car lover that might not be able to reach the pedals yet, or for the one you don’t want to see out on the racetrack, try opting in for a racing video game with a cool virtual reality headset. Choose from the various driving games on the market such as Codemasters’ Dirt Rally and Forza Horizon 3 or try and see what they’re currently playing to get a feel for what they’d like. If you want to go all out, get them PlayStation’s DriveClub VR set. This immersive virtual reality racing game lets you race more than 80 elite cars over 100 different race tracks, and for a car enthusiast, this will be a dream.

A box set of TV shows or tools

Wrap up a box set of their favorite gearhead show such as Top Gear or even their favorite car-related movies such as The French Connection, The Italian Job, Gone in 60 Seconds and any of the Fast and Furious movies. This can also include a cool vintage poster of the movie or memorabilia that they can enjoy hanging up in their room or garage. As well, you can continue the theme of boxes in the form of a monthly shipment of a curated box of car tools, related items, and even cool apparel. This will allow them to receive a gift specially curated for their tastes each month, increasing the value of your gift throughout months or even the whole year.

Keep their individual tastes in mind

As is true when buying a gift for anybody, it’s important to keep your car enthusiast’s specific tastes in mind. You’ll likely want to look for and purchase a very different gift for a vintage car lover than one who is all about the mechanics of Formula One racing. It’s always the thought that counts, and by gifting them something specific to their tastes, they’ll be sure to enjoy the gift that much more.
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