What is it

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November 17th, 2012 8:20am
Gday. Im new i here and was wondering if someone might have an idea of this mystery part.

Ive had it since i was a kid so over 40 odd years. It is around 3" ( 75mm) x 1/2" square (12mm).

It has a shaft with a point that slides back and forth inside the main body. There are two holes into the main body and the shaft can be seen inside. At the end where the shaft has a point there is a square end that will rotate and this taper down to the main body as shown in the pic. The point on the other end is solid and fixed ( part of the main body ) I only have a rough drawing as the part is lost in my shed but have forever wondered what its off. I originally had it given to me by an auto mechanic when i was a youngster.


cheers jason
April 28th, 2013 11:46pm
I believe it's a "Thing-A-Mijig",

because a "Whatca-Micallit" hasn't got that many moving parts


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