Where is technology going in heavy equipment, etc.,

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July 9th, 2014 11:51am
I always ask the question and no one seems to know what manufacturers are doing. The obvious answer is the manufacturers are making everything efficient. That really is not true. Cat made brilliant engines etc. years ago, till they realised they sold few parts, then they remade stuff and now it breaks down like everything else , so, guess what, they make profits. I love Komatsu equipment as it is not over complicated and as such does not breakdown as often. I am horrified as to why anyone would buy a Liebherr machine as you would need to have your head examined with the expense you will be lumbered with keeping it running. When I was in Saudi Arabia years ago stuff got that fine sand in everywhere screwing up all the sensors and equipment, then it broke down. We knew what to look for. Normally the repairs were the safety sensors and such provided to operate the electrics and hydraulics, but the engines and transmissions were ok. Similarly here in Canada, the same happens with mud ,water and frost damage to components. So, if a machine is going to wallow in mud and sludge all its life, why would you want to make it like a sophisticated rocket ship. The answer here is someone at the drawing board in manufacturing is an ass. From my debut from Engineering college, we were taught to "Keep it simple" . Manufacturers have lost the plot here so they can sell parts. Mechanics are taught to sit at a computer drooling over diagnostic charts and data trying to find the problems, which they invariably do, But really is all this necessary if the machine was built properly for the conditions it is going to work in. My answer here is no. Machinery owners and contractors are being held up to ransom by manufacturers while the equipment is in down time mode being repaired. How quickly can a technician be got out to a machine depends on who is available. Mechanical repairs is not a desk job,,, someone has to go out there with hard graft and physically pull wrenches most of the time and in rugged downright ugly conditions as well. The reward they get is trivial for what they have to put up with. From when I began mechanics 40 years ago, we were treated like cling -ons or lepers that companies had to hang on to just to get by. We were seen as useless baggage that made no money for the companies. I am glad that this attitude is beginning to change.

All these new trucks with the exhaust emission problem additives and regeneration systems on trucks . What is going on. It is a fiasco. Companies here in Ontario, use new trucks for three days and the truck gives the next two days in the garage being repaired. Is this being efficient. The new trucks with the natural gas engines doing the waste collections melting pistons regularly, ??? More problems for the owners of these vehicles that are not going away. It is not getting any better and with the price of fuel these days cost is getting stupid to run a business. No one is standing up against the system.

So, where is the trade going. It is going to stupidville really fast. When all is said and done, really , people might complain that it is all for making the environment more clean and all that. WRONG
America are trying to make themselves look environmentally friendly and Canada too in the big world game. America is sending all their dirty coal to China and Canada is going to send their Heavy crude to China as well. Then China can pollute the world as it pleases. (Out of sight out of mind). Well not quite. It is the same world we all share and if you pollute it round the corner, guess what you are polluting us too in the long run. But why then should all the trucking companies over here be paying for someone else's cock ups. That is a curious question no answer. Governments rarely do things that make sense and it is the people who force them to implement change from time to time.

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August 10th, 2014 11:06pm
I think you wrote the longest forum entry and got the shortest possible answer. LOL. I agree with some of the stuff you are saying. In my experience most guys want all the bells and whistles when given a option.

I think some of the newer technologies we are going to see is hydrogen as a source of fuel (New Holland developed a tractor like that) and some hybrid electric power sources. I know some of the very big equipment had diesel electric power for a long time. I don't have any experience with this type of equipment.

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