Red XL 80 Slider, a two-axle trailer.
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XL Specialized Trailers introduced the XL 80 Slider, a two-axle trailer which has a sliding axle assembly that can be tilted to help load and unload heavy machinery and equipment.

The XL 80 Slider got its name from its unique sliding axle assembly. “Machines like paving equipment can be a headache to load, but the sliding and tilt mechanisms will really simplify loading for the operator and make it a much quicker operation,” said Rodney Crim, vice president of sales at XL Specialized Trailers.

It is designed to load and unload heavy inoperable materials. The machine’s rollers are able to function efficiently without the need for grease. The 20,000lb hydraulic has a manual kick-out and 100ft of cable. The trailers range from 48ft to 53ft with dump angles of 17 to 15. The low loading angle makes this trailer ideal for this kind of equipment.

The new XL 80 Slider includes traditional standard features such as chain drops, which deliver extra security with more tie-down spaces. More than that, the chain provides a protective shield for vulnerable electrical and airlines. On the XL Slider you can also find two convenient storage compartments for tools on the upper deck.

Crim says, “The XL 80 Slider will be a great trailer for the towing and rental markets with its customized solutions.” Some of these customizable features include dock levellers, hydraulic park-stands, a 28-HP self-contained power component, and a wireless remote with up to 10 functions. Buyers also have the option of adding aluminum wheels to their XL Slider and can customize it based on their hauling requirements.