Mechanic Tests - Hydraulic Brakes – Assisted

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1) On a hydraulic assisted brake system, what are the forms of power-assisted brake failure backup systems?
2) To quickly check a hydro-boost power assist unit, put your foot on the brake pedal and start the engine. The pedal should:
3) A customer complains that his vehicle is equipped with power assist brakes but the pedal now feels hard and there is no assist. What could the problem be?
4) A truck with a hydro-vac brake booster requires excessive brake pedal effort. Technician A says the one-way check valve may be restricted in the vacuum hose to the hydro-vac unit. Technician B says a sticking power piston in the hydro-vac unit could be the cause. Who is right?
5) Technician A says that power assist can be found on hydraulically actuated brake systems. Technician B says that one finds power assist on air-over-hydraulic systems. Who is right?