Mechanic Tests - Alternators 3 Final

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1) Technician A says a noisy alternator could be caused by a bad diode. Technician B says a noisy alternator could be cause by a worn bearing. Who is right?
2) The alternator on a vehicle has failed prematurely. Basic checks of vehicle wiring and batteries have revealed no problems, but the driver has several times left the lights on overnight. Each time, the vehicle was jump-started and sent back out. Technician B says the alternator was probably defective and replacing it should solve the problem. Technician B says the problem is that the vehicle's batteries should have been slow-charged before sending the truck out on the road. Who is right?
3) When testing between the two alternator rotor slip rings, your ohmeter reads "0" is this acceptable?
4) A loose alternator belt may cause:
5) In an alternator, the field winding is part of the: