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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for a job?

Applying to a job is easy. Find the job you want and click the apply button. Input your information, attach a resume and click Apply Now. You’re done! There are also other methods to apply. By signing up to a Mechanics Hub Account, you can add your information and resumes quickly, then while logged in, apply to any jobs instantaneously.

What devices can I apply on?

You can apply to jobs on any desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smart phone including iPhone, Android and Microsoft. When applying by tablet or phone, it is best to have a Mechanics Hub Account setup in case you do not have your resume on your device.

How much does your job seeker services cost?

Nothing. Helping you find a new job is completely free.

Will my current employer find out that I'm job hunting?

Your information is 100% completely confidential with us. Mechanics Hub will never contact your current employer.

Is my resume good? How can I make it better?

First, send us your resume so one of our Recruitment Specialists can take a look. We review all resumes to make sure they include exactly what employers are looking for. If your resume needs work, we’ll let you know. We often provide advice to job seekers on how to improve their resume. Check out the Mechanics Hub Toolbox for resume writing tips for diesel mechanics.

Why should I sign up for a Mechanics Hub account?

It makes life easier and it’s proven to get you hired 10x faster. With a Mechanics Hub account, you can instantly apply to jobs. You can also set up job alerts which e-mail you when your dream jobs are available. There are many benefits to having a free Mechanics Hub account.

What are e-mail job alerts for?

Job alerts give you the ability to specify criteria on the types of jobs you are interested in. When new jobs are posted based on the criteria you set, you receive an e-mail alert with a link to the specific jobs of interest. This is a great tool for finding new jobs as well as staying on top of new opportunities for when you are ready to make your next career move.

Are all job opportunities posted?

Many companies use our network to proactively recruit talent for their organization on an ongoing basis. In many cases, it may be to replace an existing employee, so discretion must be used to protect our client’s anonymity. In these situations, at our client’s discretion, not all positions will be posted.

I don't know what to do! Or I have questions!

Get in contact with us. Either give us a call, send us an e-mail, or use the Ask A Question form.

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