Recruiting Diesel Mechanics Since 1988

We Are Mechanics Hub

  • Mechanics Hub is North America’s largest specialty recruiter for diesel machinery professionals, related trade professionals and the companies that employ them.
  • We’re one of a kind! Here are a few facts about us:
  • Founded in 1988, our recruiting company has been in business for well over a quarter century.
  • Originally known as Maizis & Miller Recruitment Specialists, we re branded in 2015 as "Mechanics Hub" to better reflect our focus to the clients and candidates we serve.
  • Were specialists who focus all of our time and resources on the recruitment of diesel machinery professionals including diesel mechanics, heavy equipment technicians, parts/service staff and shop managers, across multiple industries.
  • Mechanics Hub is the leading provider of recruiting services to the diesel mechanic trade in both Canada and the United States, offering mechanics and related specialists direct hire, full time, permanent, direct hire opportunities.
  • Mechanics Hub has become one of the largest online resources for Diesel Mechanics to be found anywhere on the internet.
Job Seekers

Our mandate is to offer the most professional, efficient recruiting services to diesel machinery professionals, like you, 100% free of charge. We strive to make your hiring experience stress free while keeping you aware of as many career enhancing opportunities as possible. Our outstanding reputation of excellence with thousands of employers across North America ensures your candidacy demands attention.

At Mechanics Hub, our goal is to make job seeking simple. We enable candidates to apply to more jobs, efficiently and faster than ever before. Notice that all our job postings have clear and detailed information with no deception, helping you to make informed decisions before applying. Every job posting provides a North American toll free number direct to each recruiter so you do not have to wait days for an email reply should you have any questions. Just give us a call and we will be happy to say hello or assist you in any way that we can with the jobs we offer. To ensure accurate representation and documentation, each candidate gets a detailed profile developed so that we can best present you to our clients as well as keep track of our history and interaction between us. We are here to assist you in any way that we can.

As expert professional recruiters, it is our job to keep our candidates aware of career enhancing opportunities and as such, our candidates get hired by top employers, faster than any other.

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We represent our clients and their job opportunities with maximum exposure on the largest diesel machinery network in the world. Our recruiting team has no quotas, only submitting the best candidates for consideration, that match the requirements requested. As a 100% contingency-based recruiter, if we cannot produce a candidate that meets or exceeds your expectations, then no payment is ever required.

Mechanics Hub has been in business for over 33 years. Our service & reputation is well respected by the people working with diesel machinery. With thousands of jobs across the United States & Canada, we get top candidates applying to our positions every day, many of whom are rarely unemployed, but we are able to offer our clients access to them. Like sports agents, we know who’s who – more importantly if & when they are considering change. We are the eyes and ears of these trades and the industries that employ them. It is our business to know exactly when great candidates become available, while simultaneously introducing them to our clients before they have even hit the job market.

Successful companies know that no amount of planning, investment or goals can ever be achieved without the right people in place to make it all happen. Whether your hiring needs are reactive or proactive you won’t find a better resource for diesel mechanics and related specialists then Mechanics Hub. Let us help you to start building the kind of team that can take your company to the next level.

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