What to do if Your Resume has Gaps

Training it’s good, It’s free, Do it!

If you stop learning, you stop growing. Trucks are changing at a rate never before seen. It is not going to slow down. As technology advances the changes will snowball. If you stop learning, the world will run you over! It might mot be practical to put life on hold and go back to school… Continue reading Training it’s good, It’s free, Do it!

How To Ask For a RAISE

You feel you deserve a higher salary but should you ask for a raise? Let’s look at the facts: You’re long overdue for a raise. Your boss hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with one. Clearly, sitting around and waiting for your boss to give you a raise hasn’t worked so far. What are you waiting for?… Continue reading How To Ask For a RAISE

Taking an Apprentice Under Your Wing

In order to foster a positive and cooperative workplace environment, a journeyperson who uses effective mentoring/coaching skills help make the apprentice become more proficient and self-reliant. These include: Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Thus, get started by setting reasonable training goals and performance expectations! Respect different points of view, be… Continue reading Taking an Apprentice Under Your Wing

The Origin of Job Interviews – The Armstrong and Miller Show – Series 2 Episode 6 Preview – BBC One

More about this episode: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00nds07 Sketch show starring Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller. A vicar goes to hilarious lengths to boost his congregation, and a time traveller meets Michael Faraday and tells him everything he knows.

An Introduction to Careers in Heavy Equipment

Are you someone who enjoys working outdoors on a variety of tasks in an occupation that pays well? Are you someone who feels satisfaction looking at a completed project, saying “I helped create that”? If so, you may be interested in a career in heavy equipment. This is an introduction to a series of short… Continue reading An Introduction to Careers in Heavy Equipment

Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines Job Descrip

a quick over view of the dozers controls

A Better way to Manage your Career

Who’s looking after your career? The world is changing and nowhere is it happening faster than in how we communicate. For career minded individuals, every new way to communicate is just another way to network their career. The challenge is not only to stay aware of these new resources, but more importantly, to understand how… Continue reading A Better way to Manage your Career