27 Things That Mechanics Don't Want You To Know

MHUB - May 22, 2019
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Video:The majority of us depend on our cars on a daily basis, so we need them to be in tip top shape so that we don’t have issues on the road. When our wheels are broken, it can be rather stressful, particularly if you don’t know much about cars. We’re by no means saying that every mechanic withholds things from you, but there are a few that do and today we have a look at points that you should definitely be vigilant about. It could save you tons of cash, time and stress. 27 - Scared you… Unfortunately, some mechanics like to scare you senseless and you feel like you need to leave your car with them for your own safety and for others sharing the road with you. Take a step back from the situation and remember that mechanics get paid for every little thing they do on your vehicle, so if they’re using scare tactics – find another mechanic. 26 - Gravy on the side... Many mechanics claim to use special code names for more questionable repair practises. One, let’s call him Joe, said that the words “gravy work” referred to billing a customer for more hours than the job actually took. The average time you will be billed for is 1.5 to 2-hours, whereas most of the jobs would have taken a maximum of 30-minutes. 25 - It can wait till Monday… No, seriously! Never book your car in for a service on a Friday because the guys working on your car are also eager to get their weekend started, so they tend to rush the job. Who knows what crucial elements they could have missed out due to being in a hurry. Rather bring your car in on a Monday where they will focus a little more with the problems at hand. 24 - Follow the instructions… To carry on with our earlier point, there is actually a labour guide that will give you an idea of how long each job should take. Of course, there can be the odd situation where things don’t go according to plan, but on a whole, this guide will be something useful to have. 23 - Flush it out… The fact that you’re told that you have to have coolant flushes and power steering flushes are all just gimmicks to try and get you to spend more money! Read your cars owner’s manual and see what they recommend. Most cars have fluid that can last 100,000 miles! 22 - A costly affair… We know that car parts can be really expensive, but there are times that if you shop around, you can get the same part at a much more affordable rate. Many garages earn a percentage of the parts they sell, so they up their prices in order to make more money. If you do find cheaper products elsewhere, ensure they’re from a reputable seller and that your garage will install them for you. 21 - Check the qualifications… Being a mechanic is a great way to earn a steady income and many people just do it on the side because they ‘know” cars. Always check that your mechanic has the right qualifications to complete the job, otherwise it will end up costing you so much more down the line. Mechanics in the USA should have a National Institute for Automotive Association Service Excellence Certification or American Automobile Association Certification, and there should be something similar in your country too. Just double check before leaving your car anywhere.