6 Essential Heavy Equipment For Your Next Home Renovation Project

6 Essential Heavy Equipment For Your Next Home Renovation Project: Home Under construction with equipment in front and blue sky
Home renovations are exciting since you get to remodel your house into how you truly want it to be. However, it can be overwhelming to ponder on the massive demolition and reconstruction you need to do, especially if it’s a big project, as well as the machinery and tools necessary for the job.

Here’s a list of the essential heavy equipment you need for your next home renovation project:

  1. Excavators

If you’re planning to take out an entire room from your home and use the space for something else, you should rent excavators to make the task more manageable and trouble-free. This machine can demolish even the sturdiest structures and pillars, so you won’t waste any time during the project. Its parts include a backhoe, bucket, and dipper used to dig dirt and transfer it. The operator sits in the cab, which is located on top of the wheels.

Excavators are most commonly used for the following tasks:

  • Breaking ground surface

  • Digging holes for foundations

  • Handling, lifting, and transporting materials

  • Removing sediments and debris from bodies of water

  • Grading rough surfaces

  • Installing pipes

  • Mining

  1. Bulldozers

A bulldozer is used for pushing soil, sand, and other materials during construction. It is characterized by its tracks and ripper, which is the long claw-like attachment at the rear. The former allows it to move even on the roughest or most slippery terrain, while the latter is used to break the ground surface and in grading as well.

When renting this construction machine, you must consider the state of its parts, particularly its tracks. Make sure that it’s ready for the job at hand by assessing their condition before renting and having them checked by companies that specialize in high-quality tire replacements for heavy equipment, such as Fortis Tracks.

  1. Dump Trucks

No matter the size of the job site, dump trucks are essential because they can be used for a wide array of tasks, such as carrying materials from one place to another and filling a hole with large quantities of soil. This heavy equipment comes in different capacities so you can choose the size that will work for your home renovation project.

These are the four standard dump truck types:

  • Standard Dump Truck – This is the most common type of truck, typically seen in a construction setting and is available in six- as well as ten-wheeler iterations. It has a hydraulic ram which controls the chassis.

  • Transfer Dump Truck – With this one, a separate trailer that has a portable cargo container pulls the truck. It usually moves demolition waste, sand, and gravel from the site to another.

  • Side Dump Truck – Side dump trucks allow you to unload the materials from the side quickly. However, this vehicle has a smaller capacity compared to the other types. Its long length reduces the risk of tipping it over, but can result in restricted maneuverability. It’s best to use this for sites that have ample space for moving.

  • Articulated Dump Truck – This heavy-duty dump truck is ideal when you need to carry heavy loads through rough terrain and long distances. It can handle materials that weigh between 40 to 60 tons. It can be typically found in mining operations.

6 Essential Heavy Equipment For Your Next Home Renovation Project: Multi-home renovations with heavy equipment in front.



  1. Scrapers

Also known as a wheel tractor-scraper, renting this heavy equipment allows you to scoop soil, sand, or gravel from your property. Its back part has a hopper that moves vertically while its front section has a sharp horizontal edge that moves up and down. The edge breaks the soil, cuts through it, and fills the hopper. Once the latter is full, the operator transfers the load to where the material should be dumped.

  1. Power Generators

While your area may not have an issue with electricity blackouts, it pays to be prepared for this situation by having generators nearby for your home renovation project. With this, you can ensure that you won’t experience glitches and delays in construction, so you can stay on your timeline and resume to normalcy as soon as possible.

  1. Submersible Pump

A submersible pump removes mud, sludge, and sewer water from your property. It is a vital tool if your home has drainage problems since it pushes fluid to the surface for a mess-free cleanup. Save yourself through the trouble of manually dredging up filthy liquids from your house by getting this equipment for your project.


Upgrading your home increases its value in the event that you want to sell it. Aside from that, you can renovate your house to give yourself more living space and added comfort. Remodeling allows you to personalize your property according to your preferences which will make it even cozier than before.
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