CAT 3116 Fuel Shutdown Solenoid

Mechanics Hub - August 26, 2011
The Cat 3116 diesel engine comes with a electric fuel shutdown solenoid which is controlled by the key switch. It is located on the Governor/pump assembly [threaded in] with two wires controlling the electro-magnetic on/off function. The solenoid is energized at all times when the engine is running which means it can get hot andThe Cat 3116 diesel governor has a fuel shut-off lever inside it's housing that the solenoid pushes against using spring pressure meaning there is no 12 volt power to the solenoid. When ignition voltage is applied the plunger retracts into the solenoid and another spring on the governor rack lever allows fuel to the injectors.If you were to remove the solenoid the engine would run continuously until you physically reached into the governor housing and pushed on the shutdown lever. I've had a problem where the lever inside the governor has come loose and required disassembly of the housing and the mounting screws re-tightened. It takes an extra set of hands to get the housing back together! Care needs to be taken as there is multiple arms and levers that have to be re-engaged properly. I just replaced a fuel shutdown solenoid that got so hot it startd to seep engine oil, this is rare. The Cat 3116 tune-up kit comes with a special tool to remove the solenoid [Tool #9U5120] the complete tune-up kit # 128-8822. The fuel shutdown solenoid torque is 50 + or - 7 ft.lbs.pull-in coil 22 ohms hold-in coil 11 ohms with temperature @ 77 degrees farenheit
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