CFMVL St. Romuald

CFMVL St. Romuald

MHUB - January 1, 2015
Province/State QC
City: Saint-Romuald
Province/State: Quebec
Mechanic Programs: Heavy Equipment & Heavy Truck

Heavy Equipment Program Summary:
Application of the principles of electricity and electronics
Checking and replacing the engine
Repair of management, the cylinder block, the semi-automatic transmission and hydrostatic
The repair of pneumatic
Repair of hydraulic system components

Internship I and II (60 hours and 90 hours)

Duration: 1800 hours

Heavy Truck Program Summary:
General work shop
Repair of the cylinder block
Checking and replacing the engine
Repair charging systems and starting
Repair of hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Internship I and II (60 hours and 90 hours)

Program Contact Details:
Phone: 418 838-8542
Fax: 418 838-8489
Toll free: 1 866 366-6661
Email: Romuald @

Training Centre in mechanics of heavy vehicles in Saint-Romuald is known for the quality of programs mechanical construction equipment and heavy vehicle road. Students enjoy a stimulating learning environment and complementary services, including job placement assistance. The programs of study leading to the center of the trades in high demand. The training of mechanics and diesel engine electronic controls , leading to an Attestation of Vocational Specialization, is highly appreciated and sought after by industry employers. Similarly, mechanical-truck is a new training set up to meet the demand of employers in this area. The placement rate to almost 100%. The center has advanced equipment, a fleet of modern trucks and equipment and a team of qualified and dedicated. Over 150 students are enrolled each year.