What's the Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Work Boots

MHUB - April 1, 2019
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Video: Thanks to Carl Murawski for this in depth look at safety boots.  I hear it all the time: why would you spend so much on work boots? They're just gonna get destroyed, ruined, and thrown away. The truth is that if I have to be on my feet all day, I want something well made between me and the ground. This is why people swear by Red Wing Boots, Chippewa Boots, Whites Boots, or Wesco Boots: they make your job easier and last a lot longer. This experiment began when I forgot my trusty Red Wing Moc Toe Boots at home on the way to work, and since I was too far to turn around I just swung into Walmart for some cheap boots. I ended up grabbing a pair of Brahma steel toed boots for about $25 and went to work. That week was one of the most uncomfortable and fatiguing days of my career as an electrician. Simple tasks like climbing ladders, walking on concrete, or using man-lifts became a real hassle and I couldn't wait to get out of my boots at the end of the day. Forgetting my good boots at home was something I never did again. In this video I cut open these hateful boots to show you why they are so uncomfortable and unsupportive, and I compare them to a couple much better options: Nicks Boots, and Red Wing.
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