Easy Security Measures to Reduce Job Site Theft

Cartoon robber against brick wall with a reward poster for wanted robber.
Job site theft can put a damper on productivity and slow down even the best workers if they don't have the tools they need. Reducing theft of tools can be done simply with a few common sense tips and tricks.

  • Mark Your Perimeter - Putting up a fence around the job site will keep out would be thieves and deter crimes of convenience. A fence limits opportunities for strangers to walk through the area unnoticed as they will either have to go through a single entry point or climb the fence.Posting signs around the fence that indicate the use of surveillance is also a huge deterrent for criminals who don't want to risk getting caught on camera. The use of motion sensor lights will also keep people away since they won't have cover to sneak around in.

  • Get to Know the Neighbors - Speak to business owners and managers of nearby businesses. Ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity in and around the job site during times when no work is being conducted. Even watching for the lights coming on unexpectedly at the job site can be an easy way to spot trespassers. Building this relationship can be mutually beneficial in the future as well.

  • Lock Tools Up - One of the simplest ways to reduce theft is to simply ensure that all valuables are locked up securely when the workers leave for the day. Quickly sweep the job site and look around for anything that was left out. Make a checklist or inventory sheet for the toolbox to make sure that everything is accounted for each night. Even during lunch breaks when workers leave the site temporarily, make sure that tools are put away properly.

  • Watch Out for Employees - Internal theft is an unfortunate reality that all managers must face. Don't assume that all theft is a product of outside sources. Instead, take the time to do background checks and get references for employees to reduce the chances of hiring someone with a track record of stealing from previous employers.

The best way to reduce theft on the job site is to let everyone know that they are being watched and to make a habit of keeping tools locked up whenever possible. Layering security with both a fence, lights, cameras and locked tool boxes will prevent the majority of theft. Employees should be properly vetted to reduce internal risks.