General Repair Tips & Tricks

MHUB - September 18, 2014

Heres a few more tips I came across that should be useful for the average Joe:

Put magnets on the side of your drill press to hold chuck and drill bits.

When disassembling something you aren't completely familiar with, take digital pictures. You can always look back to ensure proper re-assembly.

When repairing a small fuel line, or any small diameter rubber hose, use the copper tube from a thermocouple. Simply cut the ends of the thermocouple and pull out the small wire inside.

Liquid floor wax (Mop & Glo, etc.) will renew badly scratched plastics, even hard to work soft plastics like ATV fenders.

Magnetize a screwdriver by wrapping insulated wire around the blade (8 -10 wraps) and quickly touch the bare ends to the positive and negative posts of a battery. Now you can hold screws on the tip and it can even be used as a retrieval tool for dropped screws, nuts and bolts.

If you can't clean your paint brush right away, or if you are going to stop painting for a few hours, submerge your brush in clear water. Be sure the bristles are completely under water. Keeping air from the paint prevents it from drying. When you are ready to start painting again, shake the water off , wipe the brush on a paper towel and start painting. If you are using latex paint, wrap your brush in aluminum foil and put it in the freezer.

If you are going to drive a nail near the end of a board, dull the point of the nail with your hammer before you drive in the nail to keep from splitting the wood.

Hands covered with grit and grime. Rub them with a little detergent motor oil. WD-40 works also.

If you have a moisture problem in a distributor cap, (for older model cars) spray the inside with WD-40, then wipe it out. The WD-40 displaces the water.