A Good Tool Box Protects Your Investment In Costly Tools

MHUB - September 10, 2014

Good tools don't come cheap, so the first job of any tool box is to protect expensive tools from being lost or corroded by the elements.But tool boxes — as well as tool cases, tool chests, tool pallets, tool cabinets and truck boxes — can do so much more. A tool box can organize tools (by job type or tool type), keep all the parts of a tool together (for example, a drill with its chuck and bits), provide specialized protection (weatherproofing, waterproofing, custom-fit padding), make a set of tools easily portable or keep tools neatly stowed in a truck bed. You can choose a tool box by answering a few basic questions about your tools: 1. Do you use a lot of small tools and fittings regularly? If so, a tool chest is great for keeping them organized, safe and handy. 2. Do you need to lock up big tools in the shop? A tool cabinet does the trick. 3. Are your tools fragile? If so, a custom-fit tool case offers the best protection. 4. Do your tools need to leave the shop? A custom-fit tool case or truck box may be the best fit. Action Steps The best contacts and resources to help you get it done. Keep large collections of small tools and fittings handy in a toolchest: Tool chests contain a tight stack of drawers, that are usually red, and may have wheels. Strong and heavy, tool chests usually lock, and are a great way to keep lots of small tools organized. Keep larger tools safe in tool cabinets: Tool cabinets are the largest tool storage option and usual€ly store large items. Behind two or more high doors, tool cabinets typically hold a number of shelves, sometimes augmented by hooks, clamps or even drawers. Use tool cases to store a tool with added protection and portability: A tool case is a custom carrier built for a particular tool or set of tools. A tool case has cut foam padding or a molded interior to protect tools from being damaged if the case is dropped. Outfit a tool pallet to lay out all the hand tools you'll need for a job: A tool pallet lays out a complete set of tools in front of the user so tools can be found quickly. Often unfolding like a book, tool pallets may pack a set of tools designed for one task or trade or may be sold pre-stocked with tools. In your pickup, keep tools safe, dry and together in truck boxes: Good truck boxes are sturdy, mount securely to the bed, lock securely, are corrosion resistant and protect tools from rain and snow. Tips and Tactics A lighter alternative to a tool box, a soft-sided tool bag carries a few tools in padded comfort. Tool carts are part tool chest, part rolling work cart, and are designed for shops where a few important tools and associated parts must move around. Tool totes are tool boxes or tool cases with wheels and telescoping handles, like luggage, and offer an easy way to get heavy, fragile power tools to a worksite.