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Mechanic Programs: Heavy Equipment • Parts Technician

Heavy Equipment, and Parts Technician Apprenticeship Program Summary:

Apprenticeship is a method of gaining the expertise needed to become a skilled tradesperson. This is done through a combination of on-the-job and classroom training. Typically, apprentices train for four years (although this varies by trade), spending four to twelve weeks a year in an educational institution and the rest of the time training on the job. When all training has been completed, the apprentice writes provincial examinations set by industry and the Government of Alberta, becomes certified by the Province as a qualified tradesperson or journeyperson upon completion of the program, and may also write interprovincial exams to obtain red seal status

Program Contact Details:
Department: Apprenticeship & Industry Training
Phone: 780-835-6608
E-mail: [email protected]

Heavy Equipment Service Technician - Diploma Program Summary:

The Heavy Equipment Service program is the result of a unique partnership among GPRC, Caterpillar, world leader in the manufacture of heavy equipment, and Finning, Caterpillar’s largest dealership worldwide. GPRC is the only post-secondary institution in Canada to offer this globally recognized training, which is custom-formulated to meet the Alberta Apprenticeship Examination requirements.

The Heavy Equipment Service program is a two year diploma program located at the Fairview Campus in Fairview, Alberta. As a student, you will be provided with technical and hands on training related to Caterpillar equipment and all the technical training required to meet the Alberta Apprenticeship requirements for Heavy Equipment Technician.

Finning provides major financial support to students throughout the program. Each successful applicant will receive an acceptance award of $1000 on day one of the program.

This program consists of five 16 week semesters. The training is divided into theoretical and practical learning. The work practicum portion of the training will follow either the first or second semester of theory. Placement will occur at a licensed Finning location. In the event that a Finning placement is not available, the student will be required to arrange a practicum placement with the assistance of the College.

The applicant should have a genuine interest in mechanical systems and a desire to understand the underlying theoretical principles that govern machine operation and design. The work often involves analytical troubleshooting and problem solving in an active and physical work environment. Those who are considering this program should enjoy the challenge of working on some of the largest, most technologically advanced mobile equipment in use today.

In addition, applicants should be in good physical health, willing and able to meet the demands of a physically demanding occupation.

Apprenticeship Information

The required course material for the Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship is covered as part of the course curriculum. Students will write their apprenticeship exams while they are at the training facility in Fairview.

Duration: 5 semesters (80 Weeks), 93.5 credits
Program Contact Details:
Department: Heavy Equipment Service
Phone: 780-835-6727
E-mail: [email protected]

Heavy Equipment - Certificate Program Summary:

Duration: 2 semesters (34 weeks), 65.5 credits

This program provides technical training for the first two years of heavy equipment technician apprenticeship training.  Hands-on shop experience will cover suspensions, hydraulics, electrical, air brakes, engines, diesel and electronic fuel systems and charging systems.

In keeping with industry-stated needs, students receive additional welding, warehousing and parts training.  They also learn to conduct "tail-gate" meetings through group participation and sharing lead roles.  In the field, these meetings are integral to job safety and occur on the job-site prior to starting a job.

Students also receive extensive safety training required by many employers, including WHIMIS, H2S, confined spaces, TDG, fire safety, lifting and hoisting, forklift operation, safety gear, oil and gas lease entry requirements and "blind spot" training.

Resume writing, work place skills and work place etiquette in dealing with employers, customers and peers are also covered.

Program Contact Details:
Department: Heavy Equipment Programs
Phone: 780-835-6682
E-mail: [email protected]

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A wide selection of pre-employment and technical program options are offered at the beautiful GPRC Fairview College Campus. Programs include Animal Health Technology, the Harley-Davidson® Technician Program, Power Engineering,, Apprenticeship training and pre-employment Motorcycle, Automotive, Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Outdoor Power Equipment Technician.