Guys, can't hold your nut??? TRY GREASE!!!!

MHUB - September 24, 2014

If you have to hold a nut where your fingers can't reach and the tape trick with a socket or box wrench won't fit either, a dab of grease on the end of a standard screwdriver will hold the nut in place and is slim enough to get the nut where it's needed.

and; boys & girls....another tip for the faithful readers

To locate a ticking noise that you just can't seem to pinpoint, a piece of garden hose 24 inches long works great as a cheap stethoscope.

and heck, im in a good mood so here's one more

Vaseline on your battery posts will keep them from corroding and provide a perfect contact.

Oh, you're too smart for us and didn't use the Vaseline tip and your contacts are corroded? Baking soda and water will shine them back up in a hurry.