How to Recharge a Dead Battery

MHUB - January 12, 2015

A car’s batteries were designed to last a minimum of five years. If your car’s battery lasted longer than that, then it only means you’re taking good care of your car. There are a number of factors which could affect the battery’s life. Some of the main causes may be: 1. Poor maintenance 2. Faulty car parts which demand more from the battery 3. The deterioration of battery cables and posts which could lead to battery damage 4. The use of additional parts that makes use of the electricity generated by the battery 5. Leaving the car running idly for long periods of time 6. Severe cold 7. Bad habits such as leaving the radio or the lights on unnecessarily If your battery lasted shorter than five years, some of the reason above may have affected the lifespan of your vehicle. A dead battery has no hopes of being used again while a battery without enough power to start the engine is another thing. If your battery falls under the latter, there is still hope that you can resurrect your battery. If you’re battery is as dead as the Sahara dessert, you should take the time to replace your battery with a new one. Also, check the battery tray. Here’s a good replacement battery tray for you. To determine if your battery still has some hope to be used again, simply recharge it through normal vehicle operation. If you find yourself having to jump the battery again and again, it only means you have to buy a new battery. You can do so by looking for a replacement battery. Visit our trusted The Parts Bin store and search your car’s model. Here are some steps to help you in jumpstarting your car’s battery. A second fully-functioning vehicle is needed to make this procedure a successful one, along with a set of jumper cables. Always remember that there is a danger in doing this procedure so extreme caution must be taken: 1. Before charging the car, open the hood and inspect the battery for any signs of damage. 2. Check all the cables attached to the battery are secure and free of any signs of corrosion. If there are any loose cables tighten them. If your battery cables show signs of corrosion, loosen the clamps and clean the cables with a stiff-bristled brush. 3. Position the vehicle to be jumpstarted next to the second vehicle. Make sure the cables are close enough to connect the two vehicles together. 4. Shut off the vehicle being used to jumpstart your battery. 5. Open the hoods of the two vehicles. 6. Identify which are the positive and negative terminals on each battery. 7. One end of the red jumper cable should be attached to a positive terminal of one car while the other end should also be attached to the positive terminal of the other car. 8. Take the one end of the black jumper cable and attach it to the battery’s negative terminal. The other end of the lack jumper cable should be attached to the negative terminal of the other car’s battery. At this point, sparks will emit from the battery but fear not because this is normal. 9. Turn the engine of the charger vehicle and rev it. 10. After revving the charger vehicle for a few minutes, start the car that’s being charged. If the engine would not start, adjust the cables and make sure they are attached firmly. 11. Once the car being charged starts, it should be kept running for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the alternator to have enough time to recharge the battery. 12. After charging the failed battery for at least 20 to 30 minutes, turn off the engine. 13. Remove the jumper cables in reverse order from which you first attached them. 14. Remove the black jumper from the negative terminal of the charger vehicle. 15. Remove the black charger from the battery that was charged. 16. Remove the red jumper cable from the positive terminal on the charger vehicle. 17. Remove the other end of the red jumper cable from the positive terminal of the battery that was charged. 18. Return all cables to their designated places and organize the jumper cables used. The process itself is tedious and extreme caution must be used to handle the operation. If you have any protective gear such as gloves and glasses, it is highly recommended that you use them. Of course, a jumpstarted battery does not last very long and the purchase of a car battery is advisable.