International Conventional School Bus

Mechanics Hub - December 19, 2013
International CE School Buses – Compatible With Any Fleet

Our fleet has expanded by 17 buses over the last three years with the introduction of International CE conventional models. The first 2 years they came with DT466 MaxxForce engines and this year we ordered them with the MaxxForce 7 engines. So far both engines have been doing alright except for some minor faults. There were fuel pressure issues with the DT engines that caused a couple of service calls but since then nothing major has occurred.

In addition there has been several recalls including engine software reprogramming (mostly on the DT). Every bus is ordered with the same specifications which includes the Espar diesel coolant heater, air operated entrance door and ABS air brakes. These buses have an “off road” switch which uses ABS to control wheel slippage. The locking differential is not compatible with the off road feature, it's either one or the other. So far our operators have been driving in winter conditions without any major traction problems.

The Introduction of Cummins ISB 6.7 Liter Diesel Engines

With the introduction of the Cummins ISB 6.7 Liter engines the confidence we have in the CE buses have risen dramatically. Cummins diesels have been the best performer in our fleet for the long run and having to stock DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) for the SCR emission system will be a minor addition to our maintenance program. Another bonus is the Cummins dealer in town gives us very good service and we have a solid relationship with them.

International School Buses Are Designed With Safety and Convenience In Mind.

Protecting the students is one important feature that Navistar built in to their school buses. They use 16 gauge sheeted metal for their body structure. The increased height and width of the entrance door allows easier access and safety when students board and the “leave no student behind” feature helps operators stay in control of their passengers.

They also integrated a lighted entrance way into the bus and designed ergonomic door and loading light controls right into the steering wheel as pointed out in the video above. Everything I have pointed out here creates a very positive relationship between fleet owners and International school bus dealers. In our case we have a very good dealer that bends over backwards for us.

Drivers like to operate these models because of the cab design and safety features. The introduction of the Cummins ISB diesel engine in 2014 will improve driveability. Reliability will increase ....essential for a fleet operation transporting students. Technology is growing yearly improving diagnosis and emissions compatibility.

So looking at the over all design of the international school bus the fleet owner can rest assured that these buses have been built with the fleet operator in mind. The less down time and service calls is the main focus for fleet operators who need a vehicle that can bring reliability to their fleet.