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10 Reasons you May Need a Mechanic

Mechanics Hub - May 2, 2012
10. Your friends always volunteer to drive.

9. Your spouse has pet names for your truck, like Beast or The Thing.

8. Your engine makes so much noise that they can't hear you at the teller window.

7. You've been pulled over 6 times for weaving down the road and you don't drink.

6. You avoid car pooling because all the warning lights on your dash board are on All The Time.

5. Your car smokes so bad that your neighbors never have a problem with mosquitoes.

4. Your spouse has guaranteed you that the neighbor will have your car running by the next Holiday.

3. You are not allowed to park near your Mother-in-Laws house because of the oil leak you've had for three years.

2. An unwanted poster of you sitting in your clinker is hanging in every McDonalds drive thru window with a caption that reads..... NO Service.

The #1 Indication you may need a Mechanic...

1. You said a prayer before you drove to E-Check