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2 Weeks Notice...

Mechanics Hub - September 15, 2010

Ian the Mechanic was working at a garage for a few years, and as great as everything started it all slowly began to go downhill; he noticed less and less trucks coming in and other mechanics were getting laid-off left, right and center. The final straw was when he realized that his last 4 paychecks had bounced. He was fed up and decided to talk to his Service Manager, Bob.

"Bob, the customer service here sucks; I got people yelling at me everyday, we got no mechanics so it's all on me and finally my cheques have bounced for the last month." 

"Well, sorry to hear that Ian" said Bob "but if you wanna quit I'll consider this your two weeks notice." 

"HA!" yelled Ian "when my last pay cheque have bounced you want two weeks notice?? Well Bob, in two weeks you may notice I haven't been around."