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Camel Mechanic

Mechanics Hub - October 27, 2010
An American tourist wanted to see some of the Sahara desert, so he rented a camel. Having packed plenty of water and food for a 3 day sojourn, he set out. He was on the 2nd day and entered an oasis to rest and water his camel and noted that a guy had a shop at the oasis with a neon sign, "CAMEL MECHANIC." He looked in the shop and saw several camels being worked on. His camel seemed to be working fine so the next morning, he began his return trip. Several hours into the desert, the camel stopped walking, and just stood there like a statue. He tried pulling, yanking, pushing, every method imaginable to get the camel to move, but it wouldn't budge. He then decided to backtrack by foot and find the oasis with the camel mechanic. Following the tracks made in the sand, he spent the better part of the day walking through the sand dunes back to the oasis. Finally getting there, he went to the camel mechanic and explained that his camel just stopped and was sitting out there like a statue. So, the mechanic grabbed a bag of tools, mounted his own camel, gave the American a loaner camel, and set out. Several hour later, sure enough, there was the camel, still standing there frozen like a statue. He grabbed a ball peen hammer out of his tool bag, went back behind the camel, lifted its tail, and whacked its testicles with the ball peen. The camel farted, sending sand flying for about 10 yards behind it, then began walking normally. The camel mechanic said, "Just as I thought - it was suffering from 'vapor lock'!"