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Classic Yugo Jokes

Mechanics Hub - September 27, 2010
What makes a Yugo go faster? A tow truck. Why do Yugos have a rear window defroster? So you can keep your hands warm while you're pushing it. A man goes into an auto parts store and asks, "Can you give me a cigarette lighter for my Yugo?" "Sure, sounds like a fair trade to me." What do you call a Yugo with a flat tire? A write-off. What do you call a Yugo at the top of a hill? A miracle. What do you call the Yugo owner's manual? The bus timetable. How can you double the worth of a Yugo? By filling its gasoline tank. What is the smallest part of a Yugo? The owners brain. What do you call someone who buys a secondhand Yugo? A scrap dealer. What does a Yugo buyer do to look sophisticated? Wears dark glasses. How do you tell the Yugo buyer from all the other people with dark glasses? Their the ones with the white sticks. Why do they give away free TVs with Yugos? So you've got something to do while waiting for the mechanic to come and fix it. What do you call a Yugo with twin exhausts? A wheelbarrow. What is the difference between a Yugo and a golf ball? You can drive a golf ball 360