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Hot Lips and Tender Kisses

Mechanics Hub - September 17, 2010
A girl is driving along the expressway listening to the radio when she hears a song she really, really likes. When the song is over the announcer says the title of the record was, "Hot Lips and Tender Kisses." When she gets home she's very excited about the new song and decides to call her local music store to see if they have the record. Hurriedly, and excitedly, she dials the store's number. But in her excitement, she unknowingly misdialed and got an auto repair shop instead. "Hello," the mechanic answers. "Oh, yes! Do you have Hot Lips and Tender Kisses?" the girl asks. The mechanic was puzzled, but says, "Well, no, but I've got hot pants and seven inches." "Oh, is that a record?" she says. "No," he says, "but it's better than average."