Keep Your Hands Clean

MHUB - November 19, 2014

Sometimes you don't know what you're going to get involved in, when it comes to working on vehicles, since one problem can easily lead to another. When doing mechanics' work, though, there's one thing you know you'll face:grease and grime! No matter how good you are at mechanical work you can't prevent your hands - and sometimes face - from becoming covered in motor oil and grease. As unpleasant as that is it's even more unpleasant when you try to get yourself clean once again. Scrubbing with soap, applying expensive hand cleaners - it's all part of the process. Even when you're as clean as you can get you'll still see grease stains under the fingernails. If you're a business person the last thing you want to do is show up at the office with dirty fingernails that refuse to come clean. Even if you're not a business person most people would still rather not walk around with unclean nails. There are hand cleaners, sold on the market today, which are adequate for removing grease after working on motors and such. The products can be a tad expensive, though, and you can achieve the same results with things you may already have around your house. Prevent the hassle of trying to clean up after a mechanic job by simply rubbing your hands with Vaseline before starting. Vaseline is a greasy substance - petroleum jelly - that is used in many different ways. Although it will leave you with a greasy feeling to your hands, you'll be handling greasy items anyway, so the greasy feeling shouldn't be too annoying.. Work the Vaseline into the hands, wrists, arms or other parts of your body that might meet up with grease and grime from the car. Be sure to coat between fingers and under fingernails. You don't have to put on a thick coat, and you can wipe your hands off after applying, but don't put effort into trying to remove every bit of the petroleum jelly. The Vaseline will remain as a protective coating on your skin and under your nails.