Landing Gear Fails on My Loaded Liquid Chemical Tanker Trailer

MHUB - March 26, 2019
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Video: Dave talks about an incident that is not very common in the trucking industry. It happens, but not often. When Dave was working as an owner operator for a liquid chemical company, when dropping a loaded trailer in their drop yard, the landing gear on his trailer failed. FORTUNATELY, he noticed the landing gear had collapsed and he was able to avoid the trailer tipping, dropping and avoided what could have been a pretty serious chemical spill. The trailer next to Dave's trailer was of course also loaded. Had his trailer tipped and hit the next trailer which was parked very close, it probably would have also caused this trailer to tip and spill as well. This video stresses the importance of moving slowly and carefully when dropping and pinning up to a trailer, loaded or empty. Avoiding problems is key.
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