More Mechanic Bloggers Needed

Mechanics Hub - February 11, 2014
Mechanic Bloggers Needed To Promote The Trade and Help Others

Blogging is the most popular method to get your message out to the Internet universe. If you have some experience or even if you're going through an apprenticeship you have the freedom to blog about it. There are a thousands of readers out there who love to read stories about real life experiences. There is also the opportunity to make extra income as well.

If you are going through an apprenticeship right now it would be really interesting if you shared your day to day routine. This would help people thinking about the mechanic trade to get motivated and go to the next level. Some people need a push to get started and your stories would make a difference.

Blogging is just like a diary where you write daily events and thoughts. I remember many experiences while apprenticing that are notable and would peak people's interest. Some jobs were not pretty while others were very interesting. The public wants to read about the good and bad ...that's reality.

If you were on the job and you found a problem after hunting it down for a couple of hours wouldn't you like to share that with other mechanics? It's gratifying to know that someone has read your blog and you saved them time looking for the same problem.

Getting Inspired and What Subject To Write About

The first thing you might think about with blogging is the time it takes to write a post. In the beginning you may be slow on the keyboard but that will change quickly. You will find the more you type your speed will increase. I would say you need a certain amount of passion on the subject to stay motivated.

The mechanics trade is very popular right now with jobs all over North America with a never ending demand. Maizis and Miller are recruitment specialists who find permanent full time (direct hire) heavy duty mechanic jobs in Canada and the United States. At the time of this post there were 297 jobs available. Click on the "Job Postings" link on the homepage.

Google Trends Report For "Diesel Mechanic"

The demand for mechanics goes hand in hand with mechanic information. Troubleshooting, diesel engines, electrical repairs and anything else related to the heavy duty mechanic trade is valuable information that you can't find in a repair manual.

Real life experiences working in a repair shop is unbeatable. If you took 3 days to find a solution to a difficult problem wouldn't you like to share it with other mechanics? It isn't a competition or a secret society in the mechanics trade so it makes sense to help others save time and frustration.

By blogging you would be able to post photos and videos regarding a repair you've made or a troubleshooting procedure that would help another mechanic get through it. If you are interested in becoming a blogger in the mechanic's field and making some extra income go to the message at the top of the page and click on "Learn More".

Thank you for reading this post and as always leave your comments below. I would love to see you on board as a fellow blogger. Get your message out to the world and help other mechanics.

I've been blogging for years and will offer my help if you aren't sure where to start. It's addictive once you get started. I promise :)

Once again go to the message at the top of the page and click on "Learn More".