Pickens Technical College

Pickens Technical College

MHUB - January 4, 2015
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Medium/Heavy Truck Training Program Summary:
Composed of six individual classes specifically designed to train and educate students for entry level employment as M/H Truck Technicians. Each class is also designed to prepare students for its respective ASE M/H Truck Certification Test. Each individual class must be passed with a grade of "C" or better to obtain their respective certificate.

There is also a composite certificate awarded for completing all six individual classes. Students will be trained on heavy/medium duty diesel trucks in six distinct areas: Preventive Maintenance, Steering & Suspension, Brakes, Electrical/Electricity, Diesel Engines and Special Topics. Students may enter the program at any one of the six classes.

The following certificates may be earned:
Medium and Heavy Trucks - Preventive Maintenance
Medium and Heavy Trucks – Brakes
Medium and Heavy Trucks - Electronics & Computers
Medium and Heavy Trucks - Diesel Engines
Medium and Heavy Trucks - Steering & Suspension
Medium and Heavy Trucks Diesel Mechanics Certificate