Preventive Maintenance - Wheel Bearings

imported_John Whelan - April 23, 2014

Preventive Maintenance Practices

The video explains the importance of seeing dirty oil in the wheel hub reservoir and the steps that need to be taken. This is all part of preventive maintenance when something suspicious is spotted and the only option is to investigate. The gear oil is a lot clearer when it's right out of the barrel so dirt and maybe wear from the wheel bearings caused the contamination.

Regardless of the exact cause we don't hesitate to remove the front wheel and check everything out. The hub oil reservoir will be cleaned and replaced with new oil which is the recommended 75W-80W or 80w-90w EP gear oil. The bearings will be cleaned and inspected for pitting and hard surface wear.

Don't Assume In The Mechanical World

It's not a good practice to assume when it comes to mechanical systems. The way to remove all doubt is to check the situation out closer. It will take some time to do so but a clear mind is healthy without thinking about “should I have checked those wheel bearings?”

Preventive maintenance is golden in our fleet operation. You pay a little now instead of a lot later. A typical service call takes two shop personnel along with a spare bus and possibly a tow truck. The minimum time to carry out a simple service call is 2 hours on average.

I like to push the techs to take a little extra time to do their running checks and a road test...of course. This will put away any thoughts about second guessing the work they have done and there will be no second thoughts as they hang up the keys. The last video I did here I talked about common sense and using basic information to carry out troubleshooting and repairs.

Save Time Don't Over Think It

I've saved so much time using basic principles and staying away from jumping into a mechanical problem. If you meditate for a few minutes on a problem scenario that has been presented to you the process of concentrating and thinking about every angle on why a diesel won't start or why there is no power to the starter switch flows much easier.

Hey that's just how I roll :) Sure it's not rocket science but it makes your life easier and more trouble free. I know that sounds odd...a mechanic living trouble free? There is nothing but trouble in any repair shop across the nation but you don't have to take it home with you. If you're lying in bed at night thinking about a problem at work you're over thinking and that might lead you down the wrong path.