Road Test Engine Code Repair DT MaxxForce Diesel Engine

imported_John Whelan - December 3, 2017
The road test is the "last but not least" operation when making a repair on anything mechanical. Our mechanics are instructed to go on a road test after every job if the repair was a driveability issue. In this case I took this bus in the video for a good 1/2 hour run to reach engine operating temperature and make sure the fault would not come back.

This bus had an engine code 164-0 which is the injection control pressure system or the obvious acronym ICP. The driver experienced a major power loss with top road speed at 20 kph. Since this bus runs north of town about an hour's drive it was essential to ascertain this engine code would not re-occur. The ICP sensor was replaced along with the valve cover gasket which is also the wiring harness to the injectors and sensors.

It's just good insurance to replace the wiring to the sensor and be sure there would be no more problems. The gasket and sensor costs $600.00 so you can imagine what the price levels run at for all of the other components. Emission controlled diesel engines are very expensive to repair. The days are gone when mechanical engines were basic nuts and bolts with hard wire controls. You can't be 100% sure you did the right thing on today's diesel engines unless you have the diagnostic software.

For this job we used ServiceMaxx Pro software to troubleshoot our International diesel engines. It's very versatile where all the pressures and voltages are monitored and each engine code is verified. Our shop also has access to the "On Command" website built by International. It's a resource we use to research for engine code information in the form of wiring diagrams and tests to dig deep into the fault code and be confident we're going in the right direction.

It also has engine repairs, torque specs and a very handy section called "iknow" which is a search based resource that has all of the dealers' past repairs in a database for everyone else to share. If you search for a engine code number or something mechanical all related repairs come up which helps save time since someone has already experienced the same issue.

It's nice to go on a road test and come back to the shop without any issues. I can confidently advise the driver to come in and grab his bus. It's been over a week now since the bus went back in to service so we won this fight ready for the next one and so on. Trouble is always looming when you run equipment with wheels that go round and round.
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