School Bus Auto Chains

imported_John Whelan - November 5, 2015
Automatic chains have proven themselves many times over in our fleet operation. With the flick of a switch they automatically apply themselves against the inner dual tire sidewall which rotates the chain wheel to throw the chains under the tire tread.

The company that manufactures these auto chains is called 'Onspot of North America'. They were established in 1988 in Connecticut and hold the North American marketing and manufacturing rights. The auto chains were invented in Sweden in 1977 which was a perfect proving ground for development.

Onspot of North America imported from Sweden for four years starting in 1988 then began manufacturing them in 1992 in North Vernon, Indiana. To this date there are over 1100 dealers in North America and Onspot chains are a factory option for over 200 original equipment manufacturers. If you're running a plow truck or delivery rig pushing through heavy snow every winter I highly recommend these chains.

I'm not trying to write an advertisement brochure but they are worth every penny. Just imagine pushing through 6 inches of snow and instead of stopping and getting out into the 20 below weather to put on tire chains you just flip a switch on the dash while your driving. The auto chains kick in and off you go with no worries.

How do you go about ordering tire chains for your truck, bus or what have you? The first step is go online to and find the 'measuring' link on the sidebar. There you can print out the form and record the measurements on your vehicle drive axle. This is important so you receive the proper auto chains that will fit properly.

You will fill out details like what kind of suspension you have and if it has air brakes drum or disc. Spring brake pots at the front of the drive axle or at the rear of the axle will determine where the chains have to be mounted. Other measurements include the u-bolt size, center to center distance side to side and front to back. The distance from the ground to the lowest point of the air brake chamber.

The distance from the lowest spot on the saddle plate to where the nut on the u-bolt contacts the saddle plate. The distance from the ground where the front u-bolt nuts contact the saddle plate. You get the picture there are a lot of measurements to send to the dealer in your area when ordering the installation kit. This process takes about an hour of patience to carefully measure all of the dimensions on the drive axle.

The Onspot auto chains have saved our fleet a lot of service calls considering the amount of time it would take to drive out to a remote bus route to install chains or call a tow truck. Either way the cost would add up along with the inconvenience and down time with students on board. You save time and money in the long run with these chains.
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