Tire & Battery Brush - The Useless Tool

MHUB - January 14, 2015

Very few combination tools are very useful. Chances are they were developed to perform two different tasks in an average manner. This means they are never a good idea to have in your tool box. There are of course some exceptions, but the Tire & Battery Brush is not one of them. When you clean your battery terminals you need a really stiff brush. Getting all of that corrosion off takes some work. But translate the same effective stiffness to the soft rubber of your tires and you've turned into a butcher.

Back in the day people rolled on whitewall tires. From what I've gathered from the oldtimers, a stiff wire brush was just the thing to keep the whitewalls shining. After a few dozen scrubbing sessions, the whitewall would start to wear off. That was fine, because tires back then wore out just as fast. These days you can get 50,000+ miles out of your tires. If you scrub the sides with a wire brush once a week, you might just eat through the sidewall before your tires wear out!

Anyway, I'd skip this one for sure.