Tool Safety: Tips in the safe use of a wrench

MHUB - October 6, 2014

Wrenches are the ever indispensable tool for workers who take it as their serious business to create, install, repair or maintain different tools or materials. But even this seemingly tool can cause hand and finger (knuckle) injuries. Find out how you can avoid such accidents by following these safety tips:

Prior to use, inspect a wrench, making sure it is not damaged or defected in any way. Never use worn, cracked or tweaked wrenches. Replace them immediately to avoid injury. Pay special attention to the jaws when inspecting pipe wrenches. Make sure they are still sharp or they can cause slippage that may lead to injury. Never attempt to straighten a bent wrench. Doing so will only further weaken it. Use a wrench that pulls in a straight and clean manner. Always use the proper size of wrench for the job. Never substitute slip-point pliers for a wrench. Never use a hammer with a wrench unless the wrench was specifically designed for such a purpose. Make sure to use torque wrenches only for tightening tasks.