An Introduction to Careers in Heavy Equipment

MHUB - September 11, 2014
Videos & Pics / Videos
Are you someone who enjoys working outdoors on a variety of tasks in an occupation that pays well? Are you someone who feels satisfaction looking at a completed project, saying "I helped create that"? If so, you may be interested in a career in heavy equipment. This is an introduction to a series of short video segments that can be used in support of career exploration. Other segments that can be searched at Google Video and YouTube include Crane and Hoisting Operator, Motorscraper Operator, Excavator Operator, Bulldozer (Dozer) Operator, Grader Operator, Loader Operator and Heavy Equipment Technician. This segment is part of the Careers in Heavy Equipment Occupations (CHEO) project, an inter-sectoral project supported by the Government of Alberta as part of a 10 year labour strategy called Building and Educating Tomorrow's Workforce.