MHUB - January 1, 2015
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City: Blairsville
State/Province: Pennsylvania
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Programs: Diesel & Truck

Advanced Diesel Program Summary:
The objective of our Advanced Diesel program is to provide students with the training to repair and diagnose problems on diesel engines. Students work on Peterbilt and Kenworth heavy-duty trucks and learn to inspect, repair, and perform preventive maintenance.

Students study:
Model identification and warranty
Windshield removal and replacement
Kenworth and Peterbilt systems
Air systems
Hood and door adjustments
Starting and charging systems
Fan clutch
Rockwell and Eaton ABS
Federal brake inspection
Detroit and Cummins electronics

Automotive-Diesel Technician Program Summary:
The Auto/Diesel Combination courses offer students the opportunity to add specialized cross-course training in either automotive or diesel technology to their core classes.

Students in the automotive core may select two additional six week courses in diesel engine training. Student will study: Power Trains; Fluid Power and Electrical; Engines; or Engine Management Systems and Accessories.

Students in the diesel core may select two from the following automotive courses: Basic Engine Management Systems; Driveability Diagnostics; Chassis; or Drivetrain Systems.

Light Duty Diesel Program Summary:
The objective of our Light-Duty Diesel concentration is to provide students with the skills to work on light-duty consumer trucks and diesel engines. Students study various manufacturers' engines, and examine how diesel power and performance is achieved.

Students in our Light-Duty Diesel concentration study:
Cummins and Powerstroke Engines
Engine Management Systems
Dynamometer Usage
Powerplants and Electrical
Add-on Hydraulics Service
Transmission Service
Bed-swap modification
Climate control
Students also receive training in theory, hands-on repair and diagnosis of diesel-powered equipment with an emphasis on light-diesel applications.

High Performance Powertrain Program Summary:
The objective of our High Performance Powertrains concentration is to provide the student with up-to-date specialty training in many high-performance applications of diesel and automotive upgrades. Student will receive training theory, hands-on repair and diagnosis of modern hi-tech diesel vehicles and gasoline powered vehicles with an emphasis on performance.

Students can apply themselves to learn:
Engine block design
Rotating and reciprocating assemblies
Performance camshaft and valvetrain variations
Fuel injection management systems
Ignition control systems
Systems upgrades
Electronic engine management system
Computer reprogramming and calibration for outcome parameters
Modifications and power train tuning for improved performance
Chassis dynamometer verification of performance outcomes

Program Contact Details:
Phone: (724) 459-9500
Fax: (724) 459-6499

This WyoTech Blairsville campus received its initial accreditation in October 2001 and has received approval from 48 state governing authorities. WyoTech has maintained a policy of constantly upgrading facilities and courses to meet growing demands of the automotive, diesel, and collision/refinishing industries.

Blairsville is a close-knit community of approximately 4,000 citizens nestled in the Conemaugh River Valley with the Conemaugh River forming 180 degrees of the town's perimeter border. Blairsville is rich in history as one of the vital transportation links between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh that facilitated the settling of this great nation in it's infancy.