TIps to promote your garage online

Manav - October 27, 2020

If you own an auto repair shop, you might not have the time to spend on marketing your services because of the workload. Well, this might be okay. However, just like the other businesses, promoting this business online is also equally important. Because this will add new customers to your garage.

For promoting your garage, you do not need to hire a professional and there are plenty of low-cost tools that will surely help you. You just need to make a plan to create the right strategy for marketing.

Showcase your presence on social media

Use social media as much as you can to reach more and more people. Show your presence on various social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Post some cool photos of your garage and the staff working. Other than this, you can also opt for YouTube. You can post videos telling about the services you provide in your garage and also, you can tell the customers about the different products you provide for their vehicles.

Consistency is the key

You won't get results if you do not keep updating your content regularly. A person who has seen the picture you posted might not recognize you if you post again after 2 months. If you keep updating regularly after an interval of 3-4 days, people will remember you. They will know where they have to go for the repair of their cars.

Use it as an interactive platform

You should use social media as an interactive platform. Always answer the queries that you get in the comment section of your posts. Also, give a timely revert to the direct messages you get on Instagram or Facebook.

E-mail marketing

Keep a record of the customers who visit you. Ask them for basic details like mobile number and e-mail address. Send them e-mails informing them about certain deals. However, do not overuse it. No one likes their mailbox to be filled with ads and promotions.
Other than this, you can send personalized messages to your customers giving them service reminders. Also, you can share some useful information with them on their mail. For example, simple tips to change a flat tire on a highway or anything similar to that.

Having a follow-up strategy

It is important to have a follow-up strategy. Ask them for reviews once they visit your store. You can use social media polls, send messages to the customers asking for their reviews. This will help you become credible and you will be connected to your customers.

Add your business details on Google Maps

Many people look for nearby stores using Google Maps. If you do not add details of your business online, how will the people reach out to you? How will they get to know about you?
Once you fill in your business details on Google Maps, then surely Google will help many people reach your garage. The customers would be only one search away from you.

Create your own website

To strengthen your garage's presence online, you should definitely create your own website. This will surely help you reach a large number of people.
Creating a website does not cost you a lot of money. But here also, you need to update it daily. Add your contact details and location on the website and let the people reach you. Do some research about Search Engine Optimization and start writing informative blogs on your website. Doing this in a strategic way will surely help you improve the ranking of your website which in result will increase the number of customers.

Don't just stick to promotions, inform people as well

Once you establish your social media handles and website, use them as tools to inform people as well. A person won't watch videos on your YouTube channel if there is promotional content only. Make some informative videos according to your business. Make people learn something new. This can be an indirect method to reach the audience.

Reward the customers for check-ins and mentions on social media

The positive social mentions of your website can be very helpful. You can reward your customers who mention your good work on their social media handles. In this way, you can encourage them to promote your business more. Undoubtedly, these are the free advertisements you get for the good work you have done.

Reach out to the maximum number of people in your locality

If you own a garage, your potential customers are the ones who live near your shop. Therefore, these people should know about your business. For reaching out to maximum people in your locality, you can partner with the local businesses. Also, you can contribute to organizing some local community events. This will surely help you improve your business.

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