Apprentice Mechanic Decisions

If you’re an apprentice mechanic I wouldn’t be surprised that you have a lot of decisions to make. Taking the plunge and getting into this trade has many options to think about. The mechanic label is stretched out to many other areas. Commercial transport, Heavy Duty and automotive mechanics are the big three and even… Continue reading Apprentice Mechanic Decisions

20 Year Anniversary and Mechanic Memories

I thought now would be a good time to celebrate my 20th year as a school bus fleet mechanic. I first thought is “how times have changed” it’s a familiar statement but so true from my perspective. 20 years ago I was working on hard wired diesel engines and buses without any high tech troubleshooting… Continue reading 20 Year Anniversary and Mechanic Memories

The New Guy

Hub gets in late, sighs heavily as he unlaces his boots. ¬†Covered in the usual layer of grime, grease and wood dust, he reaches a dirty hand into the fridge for a cold beverage and plops down at the table, looking beat. He pops open his drink and lets out another long sigh before taking… Continue reading The New Guy

Working as an Apprentice – the Trials and Tribulations

The end of April, 2011. I was fresh out of my entry level trades training in Vancouver. I had taken a year of diesel engine technology, at the British Columbia Institute of technology. I was very confident, and eager to get the ball rolling on this exciting new career. I had studied hard and gotten… Continue reading Working as an Apprentice – the Trials and Tribulations