Thomas Pusher Mercedes MBE 900 Emission Maintenance

It doesn’t matter who you talk to preventing problems is natural. Prevention is a big word when it comes to anything mechanical that runs on wheels. This 2007 Thomas rear engine pusher school bus is going through several repairs. The diesel particulate filter needs cleaning because of an engine code which indicated that there was… Continue reading Thomas Pusher Mercedes MBE 900 Emission Maintenance

Mercedes Diesel Engine Emissions

Emissions gets a lot of attention these days especially when Donald Trump starts suggesting he wants to roll back emissions by freezing fuel efficiency standards at 2020 levels all the way through to 2026. This would reduce electric vehicle sales and keep people in gas powered vehicles. The freeze would increase oil consumption to half… Continue reading Mercedes Diesel Engine Emissions

DPF Replacement MaxxForce 7

Servicing a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is part of the maintenance involved with an emission controlled diesel engine. Our shop has to periodically clean or send the DPF out to be cleaned depending on it’s condition. Sending it out for cleaning runs around 500.00 and there’s no guarantee it’s going to pass the flow test… Continue reading DPF Replacement MaxxForce 7

MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine DPF Failure

The video shows all the damage to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) on one of our MaxxForce 7 International diesel engines. This is the second diesel particulate filter that has failed this way. It seems to me this DPF has a definite weak spot. Only three years old and this “catastrophic failure” as the dealer… Continue reading MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine DPF Failure

Diesel Engine DPF Replacement

If you have ever worked on a diesel engine with emissions you’ll recognize the part featured in the photo. It’s a sooted up DPF (diesel particulate filter) cartridge. This one was giving us some trouble with an engine code that pops up when the turbo boost is not at the proper level. The cause of… Continue reading Diesel Engine DPF Replacement