Mercedes Diesel Engine EGR Cooler Diagnosis

The EGR cooler is one of the most important components on a diesel engine these days since it controls the amount of exhaust that transfers from the exhaust system in to the intake system. Cooled exhaust funneled to the air intake reduces NOx (nitrogen oxide). You would not think raw exhaust would help reduce emissions… Continue reading Mercedes Diesel Engine EGR Cooler Diagnosis

EGR Cooler MBE 900 Mercedes Diesel Engine

This is a job that is essential due to coolant leaking into the engine oil and vice versa coolant escaping into the combustion chamber. The obvious clue to this issue was an operator complaint of coolant loss. Since we could not detect an external leak all fingers pointed to the EGR cooler. Since this Mercedes… Continue reading EGR Cooler MBE 900 Mercedes Diesel Engine

MaxxForce DT Diesel Engine EGR Cooler Failure

As you can see the EGR cooler from this Navistar DT MaxxForce engine is massive and it weighs I’m guessing around 50 pounds. Why is it so large? Well the main reason was to circulate more cooled exhaust gases to the air intake system and reduce emissions to meet the demanding emission standards set by… Continue reading MaxxForce DT Diesel Engine EGR Cooler Failure

Mercedes MBE EGR Cooler

The EGR cooler on this MBE 900 diesel engine developed a massive exhaust leak. The cause was the rear elbow at the cooler had worked it’s way out of the housing which caused the problem. This produced a lot of wear at the EGR cooler housing where the steel sealing rings sit. There’s not going… Continue reading Mercedes MBE EGR Cooler

Oil Sample Reports Valuable

It’s true oil samples can find an issue way ahead of the obvious which means it’s usually too late to save an engine from catastrophic failure. If the driver comes to me with an engine noise complaint I always hope it’s a loose charge air clamp or fan belt. The difference between finding engine wear… Continue reading Oil Sample Reports Valuable