Thomas Bus Automatic Light Check

The factory programmed Thomas Bus light check is a handy system but it just tells you the lights are working. It does not tell you if the circuits from the switches are all working properly. For instance when the driver applies the brake pedal a signal is sent to relay power to the rear brake… Continue reading Thomas Bus Automatic Light Check

IC School Bus Automatic Light Check

With both of our Thomas and International school buses having an automatic external light check drivers can check lights without assistance while walking around performing a pre-trip. With the ignition key on accessory and the push of a button anyone can do it. The software engineers were thinking when they developed this system. The drawbacks… Continue reading IC School Bus Automatic Light Check

School Bus LED Lights

LED or the long meaning ‘light emitting diodes’ is by far the most economical way to go especially with a fleet. At first (as usual) the price was the biggest objection which of course is a common response when a product has not been properly tested over time. Incandescent lights from the good old days… Continue reading School Bus LED Lights