Diesel Engine Code Elimination

It’s a great feeling to find a problem on a diesel engine and repair it without any comebacks. In the mechanic’s trade a comeback is a dirty word. Sometimes it can’t be helped but it still happens. However when you get a win it makes up for any negative occurrences. The diesel engine in this… Continue reading Diesel Engine Code Elimination

Telematics Mechanic Super Tool

Who doesn’t love WiFi these days…. it makes any kind of technology so much easier with wireless communication. In regards to mechanics and working with diesel engines WiFi mixed in with telematics is the best tool going for reading engine codes on a vehicle regardless of it’s location. Telematics rules and if you have used… Continue reading Telematics Mechanic Super Tool

School Bus Electrical Information

We recently found the problem with the no ignition power on one of our pusher school buses. The details leading up to the solution were documented in a previous post. The circuit board has definitely failed because of a bad diode internally that is allowing battery voltage to ground out. This is a dead short… Continue reading School Bus Electrical Information

School Bus Short Circuit

In the video you heard the fuse that was popping off every few seconds. That is a short circuit or more commonly called a ‘dead short’ directly to ground. The fuse resets itself so it’s handy to have that plugged in so we can check wiring exposed around the printed circuit board where all this… Continue reading School Bus Short Circuit