Troubleshooting a John Deere Tractor and Skid Steer – Welker Farms

Video The guys from Welker farms have run into more heavy equipment issues! In this video, they diagnose a tractor with a bad turbo, and a skid steer that has trouble starting. Will they get to the bottom of it? Watch to find out!

Starting a 1957 Autocar Truck For The First Time in 15 Years

Video: An abandoned 1957 Autocar Truck was found and resurrected! After 15 years, the truck finally turns over once again! A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way!

The Scanning Tool Snap On Doesn’t Want Mechanics to See

Video: Diesel Mechanic, Stephen Cox is back with another informational video. In this video, Stephen goes through all of the features of the Autel 906 BT scanner, and tells you how to use it.

Thomas Rear Engine School Bus Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting can be a breeze once you know the layout. It’s much like any blueprint that details the operating system. With this Thomas HDX rear engine pusher model the engineers were very kind developing an easy to use electrical circuit board system that offers the details of each board on the access door. I’m… Continue reading Thomas Rear Engine School Bus Electrical Troubleshooting

MaxxForce DT Diesel Engine No Run Problem

I posted a similar video like this one a while back with the same scenario. I thought it was important to show again the importance of what to check when a diesel fails to run. The saying everything happens in threes is very true within our fleet. I’ve seen it happen many times because the… Continue reading MaxxForce DT Diesel Engine No Run Problem

MaxxForce DT Testing High Pressure Manifold

With the right fittings from your local hardware store you can test the injection high pressure manifold that can cause diesel performance problems on a MaxxForce DT when it develops an oil leak. As the video shows there is a substantial leak on this manifold. So we could have just removed the manifold and replaced… Continue reading MaxxForce DT Testing High Pressure Manifold

Thomas HDX School Bus Road Test

I would like to follow up on this video. We changed the surge tank low coolant sensor and that fixed the problem with alarms and dash lights coming on. This problem did not happen all of the time. It’s a phrase used a lot in the mechanic world known as “an intermittent problem”. These are… Continue reading Thomas HDX School Bus Road Test

The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Auto Technicians

Video: Flat rate technicians have to work efficiently. Here are some tips from a master mechanic who works flat rate and the ten things he does to be successful.

Thomas School Bus Diagnostic Link 8 Software

Thomas school buses along with Freightliner highway trucks have multiplexing software built in to reduce wiring and connections. It’s similar to optic cable where messages are flying back and forth at high speed. To make all of this work there are several modules that interconnect with J1939 to relay inputs and outputs. if the operator… Continue reading Thomas School Bus Diagnostic Link 8 Software

Find Out The Secret To Getting Or Keeping Water Out Of Your Headlights!

Video: Ever get moisture in your headlights and wonder how to get it dry? Check out this video to find a fix.