Starting a 1957 Autocar Truck For The First Time in 15 Years

Video: An abandoned 1957 Autocar Truck was found and resurrected! After 15 years, the truck finally turns over once again! A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way!

Everything You Want to Know About Cummins

Video: This video will give you all of the information you may need about Cummins diesel engines. Who knew that these engines have been used for so long?

Everything You Want to Know About Peterbilt

Video: This video covers everything you may want to know about Peterbilt Trucks! From it’s history to new technology on board and beyond.

How it Works – Engine Braking

Video: When you let off the clutch in a manual- you can feel your car slow down. It’s called engine braking! It gives you more control over your car, but how does it work? Is it friction? And how is that different from the loud rumple of a diesel Jake Brake? This video gets into… Continue reading How it Works – Engine Braking

A Day in the Life of a CAT Mechanic

Video: A day in the life of a CAT mechanic…. And some extras too.

Will a 2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Run on 20 Year Old Fuel?

Video: Rick from DEBOSS Garage is back and this time his challenge is to start an old junk yard crane, with a 2 stroke Detroit Diesel engine in it. However, there may be a little obstacle, as the gas tank is filled with 20 year old gas. Watch this video to see if Rick can… Continue reading Will a 2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Run on 20 Year Old Fuel?

Things You’ll Find in a Diesel Mechanic’s Service Truck

Video: Diesel Mechanic, Stephen Cox goes through all of the essential tools and storage that a mobile diesel mechanics needs on a daily basis! He seems to be ready for any situation that may occur on the road!

The Case IH Quadtrac – Jay Leno’s Garage

Video: Jay Leno always has the most interesting vehicles, doesn’t he? Check out this monster Case Quadtrac. With the capability to rapidly switch from multiple terrains, this tractor could be one of the most versatile yet!

Getting an Old John Deere Mini Excavator to Start!

Video: DEBOSS garage does it again! In this video, Rich gets an old junkyard John Deere mini excavator to start! Just goes to show that a little elbow grease goes a long way!

Cummins Swapping a Komatsu Bulldozer – Episode 2

Video: DEBOSS Garage teams up with Welker Farms as they take on this interesting task. Performing a Cummins engine swap into a Komatsu Bulldozer! Here is episode 2!