Case Combine – 8.3 Cummins Swap – Episode 1

Video Rick from DEBOSS Garage finds a broken down Case 2366 Combine and begins to bring it back to life. Luckily he was able to find a running Cummins 8.3 from a Ford truck. This series will demonstrate how to swap a 8.3 Cummins engine in a Case IH 2366 combine. Enjoy!

The 3 Tools Every Diesel Mechanics Needs and The 3 They Don’t

Video: Diesel mechanic, Stephen Cox reviews some of his tools and let’s us know the his top 3 purchased tools, and 3 of his tools that he regrets buying. Always good to have some advice before making any of these purchases yourself.

A Day in the Life of a CAT Mechanic

Video: A day in the life of a CAT mechanic…. And some extras too.

Will a 2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Run on 20 Year Old Fuel?

Video: Rick from DEBOSS Garage is back and this time his challenge is to start an old junk yard crane, with a 2 stroke Detroit Diesel engine in it. However, there may be a little obstacle, as the gas tank is filled with 20 year old gas. Watch this video to see if Rick can… Continue reading Will a 2-Stroke Detroit Diesel Run on 20 Year Old Fuel?

The Scanning Tool Snap On Doesn’t Want Mechanics to See

Video: Diesel Mechanic, Stephen Cox is back with another informational video. In this video, Stephen goes through all of the features of the Autel 906 BT scanner, and tells you how to use it.

A Typical Day In The Life Of A Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic

Video: Follow a Diesel Engine Truck Mechanic on a typical work day as he installs a turbocharger, finishes up an engine rebuild, reseals valve cover base, and torques a valve train overhead.

How to Adjust a Clutch on a Big Truck

Check out this video and learn to adjust clutches on a big truck with the tools you already have.

Earned My Wrenches in the Bakken

I never wanted to be a diesel mechanic. I always wanted to be a pilot or the quarterback…the one who got to call the shots. Little did I know how many shots I could actually call as a diesel mechanic. When first getting started in the repair industry, it can be very daunting to stand… Continue reading Earned My Wrenches in the Bakken

Tips For Getting Started In The Diesel Mechanic Field.

How to become a Diesel Mechanic


Diesel Mechanic Tool box tour.