The 3 Tools Every Diesel Mechanics Needs and The 3 They Don’t

Video: Diesel mechanic, Stephen Cox reviews some of his tools and let’s us know the his top 3 purchased tools, and 3 of his tools that he regrets buying. Always good to have some advice before making any of these purchases yourself.

A Day in the Life of a CAT Mechanic

Video: A day in the life of a CAT mechanic…. And some extras too.

A Heavy Equipment Mechanic Answers Common FAQs

Video: Maintenance expert, Keith answers your most frequently asked questions about maintaining heavy equipment; excavators, skid steers, compact track loaders, backhoes, and more.

The Best Way to Restore Rims + Winter Prep

Video: This video outlines the best way to restore rims and provides some great tips for winter prep. This step by step video that explains how to properly (obsessively) clean your wheels safely. This is a perfect routine to prepare for winter or for a concourse. Hope it’s helpful.

1986 International 9370 Restoration – Part 1 – Welker Farms

Video: The Welker brothers of Welker Farms Inc. work together to fully rebuild and restore an old 1986 International 9370 truck! This 5-part series details their step-by-step process! Part 1 of 5.

Direct Injection, Problems and Solutions | The Fine Print

Video: Direct injection has many benefits but can also cause problems as well.  Watch this video to find out how to fix issues that can compromise your performance.

How to Stop Your Brakes from Squeaking

Video: We’ve all had breaks that squeak. Watch this video to find out how to end this problem forever.

Caterpillar Dealers Praise Their Maintenance Trucks

Video: Here is a video showing Caterpillars service trucks and all the benefits they bring to their dealerships. .

The 10 Most Deadliest Sedans Ever Made

Video: This video covers The 10 Worst Sedans on Earth that you might want to avoid if purchasing a used car.

27 Things That Mechanics Don’t Want You To Know

Video:The majority of us depend on our cars on a daily basis, so we need them to be in tip top shape so that we don’t have issues on the road. When our wheels are broken, it can be rather stressful, particularly if you don’t know much about cars. We’re by no means saying that… Continue reading 27 Things That Mechanics Don’t Want You To Know