The TRUTH About Tires – Summer, All Season, and Winter

Video: This video compares the differences in performance between Summer, All Season, and Winter tires in cold conditions. In any climate that is cold, having a good set of winter tires can be the difference between arriving at your destination safely and being in an icy ditch.

The Best Way to Restore Rims + Winter Prep

Video: This video outlines the best way to restore rims and provides some great tips for winter prep. This step by step video that explains how to properly (obsessively) clean your wheels safely. This is a perfect routine to prepare for winter or for a concourse. Hope it’s helpful.

Workers Killed While Doing Tire Repairs Incorrectly

Video: Changing tires can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Tires can explode with devastating force. This slide show profiles three serious tire accidents.

How Tire Safety Cages Can Prevent Serious Injuries From Exploding Tires

Video: A tire safety video from Branick Industries highlighting the dangers of an exploding tire and the benefits to using an inflation cage and auto inflator.

Multiple-Spindle Attachment For Removing All Lug Nuts At Once

Video: Multiple Spindle Attachment Application: Wheel Lug Features: – Lightweight precision gear case – Adapter fits cordless power tools

Tracks vs Tires Epic Hole!

Video: Ever wondered what gives better traction when going off roading, wheels or tracks?  Let’s settle this once and for all!

Touring a Tire Retread Plant

This was my first experience getting a tour through a tire retread plant. Kal Tire supplies our recaps for our bus fleet and they asked us to come down and see where it all happens. It’s a long process from start to finish and I can see why they do not want to find a… Continue reading Touring a Tire Retread Plant

Quickest Tire Fitter in Scotland – Darren Stewart

Quickest Tire Fitter in Scotland – Darren Stewart.  Can you do this?

A Christmas Tree For Every Mechanic

Changing a blown out rear tire on a komatsu wa500 loader

This is how to use a f750 mini boom to change a 29.5r25 on a front end loader.