The Best Way to Restore Rims + Winter Prep

Video: This video outlines the best way to restore rims and provides some great tips for winter prep. This step by step video that explains how to properly (obsessively) clean your wheels safely. This is a perfect routine to prepare for winter or for a concourse. Hope it’s helpful.

Combating Corrosion at Wheel-Ends

Truck operators and manufacturers are acutely concerned about corrosion of vehicle parts. “It’s huge,” said Todd Cotier, maintenance manager at Hartt Transportation in Bangor, Maine, during a technical session at last fall’s meeting of the Technology & Maintenance Council, the nuts-and-bolts arm of the American Trucking Associations. ”I don’t remember this happening with rock salt… Continue reading Combating Corrosion at Wheel-Ends

Wheel-End Maintenance Saves Tires, Brakes

Bearing adjustment is a tricky procedure. Unless you’re using preset hubs, you should check to be sure your techs are doing the job properly. The difference between good and bad in the wheel bearing world is a very fine line — about the width of a couple of human hairs to be imprecise. That’s not… Continue reading Wheel-End Maintenance Saves Tires, Brakes

Preventive Maintenance – Wheel Bearings

Preventive Maintenance Practices The video explains the importance of seeing dirty oil in the wheel hub reservoir and the steps that need to be taken. This is all part of preventive maintenance when something suspicious is spotted and the only option is to investigate. The gear oil is a lot clearer when it’s right out… Continue reading Preventive Maintenance – Wheel Bearings