The TRUTH About Tires – Summer, All Season, and Winter

Video: This video compares the differences in performance between Summer, All Season, and Winter tires in cold conditions. In any climate that is cold, having a good set of winter tires can be the difference between arriving at your destination safely and being in an icy ditch.

Safety Shoes – Cheap Vs. Expensive – Hydraulic Press Test

Video: How strong are your steel toe shoes? Watch as the safety shoes in this video go through some intense testing, as they try and withstand thousands of pounds of hydraulic press force!

How to inspect an 18 wheeler so you don’t get RIPPED OFF

Video: Buying a used Tractor can be a nightmare if it’s not mechanically sound. Follow these tips to ensure a successful and worry free purchase.

The 10 Most Deadliest Sedans Ever Made

Video: This video covers The 10 Worst Sedans on Earth that you might want to avoid if purchasing a used car.

The Human Hoist Power Shop Chair for Mechanics

Video: Check out this cool new invention that will help reduce injuries to Mechanics.  The Human Hoist is the most ergonomic shop mobility aid available on the market today for anyone who has to work in a less than standing position all the way down to fully horizontal at floor level. We look forward to… Continue reading The Human Hoist Power Shop Chair for Mechanics

Landing Gear Fails on My Loaded Liquid Chemical Tanker Trailer

Video: Dave talks about an incident that is not very common in the trucking industry. It happens, but not often. When Dave was working as an owner operator for a liquid chemical company, when dropping a loaded trailer in their drop yard, the landing gear on his trailer failed. FORTUNATELY, he noticed the landing gear… Continue reading Landing Gear Fails on My Loaded Liquid Chemical Tanker Trailer

Grinder Safety — and lies you are told to scare you.

Video: On SV Seeker, safety is your business. There is no list of rules, there are no warning notices. It’s no one else’s job to keep you safe. So you better make it your business. Pay attention, be aware, be present, stay within your skills, and have fun.

Workers Killed While Doing Tire Repairs Incorrectly

Video: Changing tires can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Tires can explode with devastating force. This slide show profiles three serious tire accidents.

How Tire Safety Cages Can Prevent Serious Injuries From Exploding Tires

Video: A tire safety video from Branick Industries highlighting the dangers of an exploding tire and the benefits to using an inflation cage and auto inflator.

The Recovery Shackle Destruction Test

Video: If you ever need to do some towing, see how each of the shackles went in our comprehensive stress tests to failure. Rated shackles, unrated shackles and soft shackles. We put them all to the test.